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A Guide to Understanding the Tiny Homes Movement

Tiny house members often claim their lifestyle reduces pollution and energy use. However, few studies have been done to measure its actual impact.

But recent research shows that living in micro houses reduced energy consumption by up to 45 percent. The study was done in April 2019 by Maria Saxon, a PhD candidate in environmental planning and design from Virginia Tech.

According to The Science Times, it included 80 participants across the U.S. who have been living in micro houses for at least a year. For reference, the average American’s ecological footprint is 8.4 global hectares (gha), or 20.8 acres of land.

The participants’ ecological footprint averaged at 7.01 gha in regular houses. When they moved to a tiny home, it reduced to 3.87 gha. That’s a difference of 3.14 gha, or 45 percent energy reduction. 85 percent of the homes were considered above average in energy efficiency.

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